Dustin Coates

New York City-Based Programmer

I'm a New York City based programmer working largely in JavaScript, Ruby, and Rails. I currently work for General Assembly, where I regularly teach classes. You can email me at dustin@dcoates.com.

Originally from small-town Texas, I now live in Wallabout, Brooklyn. My favorite foods are breakfast tacos, bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches, and chicken fried steak—not necessarily in that order.

I have a smattering of code public on github, I will sometimes tweet, and even more rarely post on google+, a social network I haven't completely given up on. I used to take a lot of photos and I, of course, have a LinkedIn profile.

I've created a website to help me estimate my retirement nest-egg, I built a Chrome Extension to remove Buzzfeed from your social feed, and I'm working on a handful of other small experiments at any given time. A smaller (and more fun) one was a Super Mario Bros. 3 themed memory game.